Thursday, March 15, 2012


So I am ready to post on this blog and I realize I can't upload the picture I took. We just got a new laptop and I don't know how to do it. So here is a post without a picture.
In this picture was my children. All 6 of them lined up on the couch watching American Idol. Yes, you read that right. I let them watch American Idol. Usually it is just Amelie and Ricky but it was all tonight. Let me share why.
The wonderful, spring thunderstorms are here.
I had a very looooooong day. By long day I mean whining children, newly mudded carpets (I know, why do we have a carpet???), kids hitting, stepped in yogurt, peed through diaper and the list goes on. So by 7pm I am ready to ship them off to bed. On days like today.
I get them into bed and the thunder booms. Of course! It is designed this way. Right when you put the kids to bed but they aren't asleep yet....BOOM! This left 2 littles running out of their rooms in terror. I am tired and frustrated by this point. I raised my voice and sent them back off to bed. No, I am not perfect. I then threw Callum and Reagan in bed together. BOOM! They start screaming. I tried putting Cohen in with them. BOOM! Nope. Nothing was working. I then told them that they could come out until the storm passed. As much as I was ready for my break it felt pretty good to do the right thing. The right thing meaning it felt right. I saw all 6 lined up and it felt right. I smiled. Sometimes doing the hard thing turns out to be the easy thing. When the show was over they went happily to bed and are now sleeping. This leaves their mom feeling good instead of guilt. There are many more thunderstorms ahead. I hope I deal with them as graciously as I did tonight.

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