Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When Mom Isn't Looking...or is she??

I hear a little pitter patter. I look beside me and see Ricky moving slowly past. What could she possibly have? I look in those little mischievous hands and find THE SUGAR JAR. Yep..you guessed it. So I tell her to place it back on top of the counter.
A few minutes later I hear it again. She has her body turned and is watching me as she inches by. RICKY..PUT THAT SUGAR JAR BACK ON THE COUNTER!! But not before I take a picture first. That Ricky!
That time I caught her.
I wasn't so fortunate with the dried apricots and the pickles.

I was changing Reagan and I asked Ricky to go and grab me a diaper. She brings me one of a different size. I asked her where she got it. In her words.."In the basket where the vagina jam is." You may be wondering what she is referring to. We use aloe gel for redness in the diaper area.
Haha! I could definitely write a novel all about Ricky and her little adventures.

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Rose Starr said...

Oh what a cutie!

Bummer about those dried apricots. Maybe one of the kids will still like them ;)