Saturday, August 2, 2008

How and Why did we decide to homeschool?

This question was asked on another blog and thought it was an interesting question I have not yet answered on here. So here goes.

First I will answer WHY.

When we were first introduced to homeschooling we thought only strange people chose to do this. We didn't realize how common it was. We are a family who does not get babysitters and who LOVE to spend time as a family.
Whenever I thought of sending Amelie to school I had a knot in my stomach. I know all parents feel this way but I just had an added feeling of "wrongness" (if that is a word) mixed in with other emotions. When Amelie was about to start JK we decided to go to orientation. It was in a cute little classroom where all of the parents and their children came. We signed papers with all of her info. I then asked the teacher and principal a few questions. "I know that teachers are not supposed to hug their students but will you please hug Amelie if she needs one?" Yes was her response. "If she needs me or even wants me will you call me so I can either talk to her on the phone or come and get her?" This is where is all went downhill. Their response was..."They have to learn to be independent. When you go to drop her off and she is crying and holding onto your leg you just shake her off and walk away." That comment right there was the defining moment we started looking at alternatives. I would NEVER shake my crying daughter off of my leg and turn and walk away! I am her mother! Why do children need to become independent of their parents before their time? I am here for a reason. If they need a shoulder to cry on or a quick little snuggle here and there then I am going to be there! This astonishes me.
So this launches us into the next question. HOW?
I started researching. Everywhere I could find information I looked. I went to the library, went on the internet and read and read and read. This was so incredibly overwhelming! There are so many resources out there for homeschoolers. It is like a whole other language. I found a local group to secretly see if their children were "normal." (Enter eye roll here) They didn't seem to have any horns as far as I could tell. lol
And did you notice all of this time I am saying I? This is because my husband was not as enthusiastic about the idea of homeschooling as I was. Neither was Amelie actually. Amelie was excited about getting on that bus and seeing the other children.
I went online and ordered a complete curriculum to help us along our way. We chose Sonlight. We are still ordering from them but only using the books when the children show an interest. NO MORE SCHEDULES! They were not for us. You will be happy to know that my husband is just as enthusiastic about our adventures as I am now. He sees the benefits our children have. He sees the joy and love of learning in their eyes every day.
I now have many more reasons why we homeschool but that was the initial reason why we chose this lifestyle. We have stayed so close as a family it is amazing! We have the world by our hands.


Alex said...

Hi! You mentioned Family Village in a post below...Have I met you at the one meeting I went to or at Malden Park?

Neely said...

No I didn't go to Malden Park. I really should get out to more of the get2gethers they have. I am luckymama on the site. I believe you are new right? Are you coming out to the August meeting? My family will be there then.
I wanted to mention to you that I thought it was interesting how you went around and toured Windsor to find all the sites. I hadn't even thought of doing that with my children. I guess we take it for granted. What a neat idea!

Makita said...

Thank you for participating in my Friday Freebie Challenge.

"Why do children need to become independent of their parents before their time?"

~~ Excellent point! I try to remember, too, that children will also potty train when they are ready... learn to ride a bike when they are ready... learn to read when they are ready...