Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We no longer have a kitchen table. If I were to look behind me I would see our previous eating place has turned into an art table. Colored pens, construction paper, shells glued to paper, etc...
If we are not doing art the kids are outside playing on their trampoline. (Safety net is definitely a positive!!) It has been too cold for them to swim. If it were up to the kids they would be swimming until their lips turned blue.
We are having a lazy day today. Some down time from the past few days. I have some pictures to upload onto the computer of us playing math. Since this is a lazy day I am not going to do it until tomorrow. lol
I am happy to see the kids concentration on having fun and enjoying the weather.

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christy said...

i wish i had space even to just have an art table. we are just in such a small space that many surfaces have multiple jobs. i can't wait to see your pictures!