Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unschooling and new stuff

I have been researching unschooling. What is that you ask? Unschooling is letting your child lead their learning. My role is to make sure there is plenty of readily available information at their fingertips. I find that this has opened my mind and given me more patience. Another part of my role is to always be turned "on." If they have a question I can't say.."We will look that up later." Isn't that what most of us do? I have to be willing to put down what I am doing and help find the answer. If we wait they may lose interest. By the time I get to it they won't even remember asking the question. And OH SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! What kind of bug made these eggs on these leaves? (It was a leaf beetle) What is a ledge? This was a hard one to answer! I know what a ledge is but to explain it..UGH. What does consider mean? They have soooo many questions and my mind feels like putty sometimes trying to explain. Another part of my role (I have put on myself) is creating opportunities to learn. Not all unschoolers do this but I want to. We play math and the girls LOVE that. We still do science projects (what kid doesn't love getting messy?) We will not be forcing them to sit down and do lessons. We will see how it goes.
Yesterday we went shopping for "school" supplies. It was fun. They get SO excited about glue, markers and books. You would think they were picking out lollipops or some big toy. Nope. We got some duo-tangs and Amelie has been making magazines ever since. She is drawing pictures, gluing pictures and paper clips (oh and we can't forget the shells they collected at the beach with dad!!)
Ricky hasn't shown much interest in it yet. Soon I am going to be showing them what symmetry is. They will have fun cutting and folding shapes.
Cohen got a much needed haircut yesterday by dad. We did it quickly because he doesn't like it.
Reagan is starting to stand at the coffee table. Well Ron is placing her there and she stays for a bit. I couldn't imagine her walking. She is sooo tiny!!
Oh and the best new yet!!!
Roo's cat scan results and blood work was normal. She is gaining more weight. ANNDDD drum roll please....
NO MRI!!! The paediatrician said she doesn't advise it anymore. YAY!

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