Friday, August 22, 2008

Our little (or more accurately .. big) visitor

What is this treat we found? Or shall we call it a delicacy? In China it sure is!
This is a Cicada bug. Do you hear those loud vibration sounds in the trees? Here is our culprit.
We researched him (and it was a him because he made sounds) and found out he doesn't bite or sting. The kids got a chance to pet him before he flew off into the trees.
This particular Cicada lives from 13-17 yrs. Can you believe it? It burrows 8 1/2 feet into the ground and is nymph for most of its life. As a nymph it eats liquid from tree and plant roots. As an adult it eats tree sap. It really is a very interesting bug!

1 comment:

Luke said...

My wife is always amazed at how they can all "turn off" the vibration sounds at the same time. I've never seen one before (but we hear them all the time).

Thanks for sharing!