Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Human Body

We were given this Human Body game by a friend. I am ecstatic! This game has trivia while putting together the body. Not only does this game have that, you can dress up the skeleton after. There is also a game where you have to keep the skeleton alive by giving him food, water and rest throughout the day. So basically you are learning healthy living. The girls absolutely love it! The best thing is that they can spend hours on this if they like.
THANK YOU Doris!!!


Alex said...

Sounds great! What is the title of the game?
The best kind of learning happens when they are having fun!

Neely said...

Hi Alex :)
It is called My Amazing Human Body by DK. It really is amazing.
Yes, I love learning through fun!

Oh and Tremblay's Beach is a 3 minute drive from here. You guys should check out the local forest sometime. There is a boardwalk there.

Ron is into sales now so we should be moving North as soon as money allows :)

Our Pace said...

I'll miss you guys when you move. I know we don't see each other much, but you'll still be missed.