Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ricky is writing. Or should I say printing? Amelie and Ricky have been writing Ron and I letters. Amelie is learning a lot of spelling lately. I can't believe that the things I have been worried about fall into place. Writing and spelling. I do not sit them down and do lessons. I wondered if they would learn this. The answer is yes. They do learn this. Amelie is walking around spelling everything in sight. She is 70% right. I help her with the spelling. Ricky has been printing notes. 20 or maybe 10% are right. I try not to correct her too much or she will give up easily. I first asked her if she wanted the correct spelling. For the word "there" both girls spelled "ther". That was perfect because I could show Ricky that her big sister makes some mistakes too. This helped her feel better. Keep in mind she is 5 so I am very happy with 10-20%. I am very happy that they are taking an interest in printing. Amelie is very easy to correct. She is eager to learn. So is Ricky but she has a very strong sensitive side to her. You could crush her in a sentence so I tread lightly. Amelie has been playing this game on the computer where you flick up a ball and it hits squares that disappear. She plays way better than I do! She loves her computer games on Room 108. Ricky still likes to play with dolls or babies. She is very happy to play on her own. She has always been that way.
Cohen is a talking machine. I do not remember the day when I wanted him to talk more. If I could see my future self back then, I think I would tell myself to shut up and enjoy the SILENCE! My beautiful little man can talk! And guess what. He still has a soother to fall asleep and he is ALMOST 4. And guess what. I don't care! Sometimes I think...oh no! He is too old for that! That is society talking. He has it for about 15 min while he falls asleep and then spits it out. I don't have the heart to take away his mine suckie. He loves to play with his trains, cars, truck WELL anything transportation related. He is clever in his playing. Did I mention I could eat him. Right from his little ears that stick out a bit right down to his little toes. And oh boy, for a mom that has SPD, GOD sure is testing me! Cohen constantly loves to touch. He loves to touch lightly. All.the.time. It is very trying but I know he just needs it.
Reagan has a VOICE. She is LOUD and SCREACHY. She CRIES and WHINES. Are you irritated yet? Cause I am! I do love though how she is developing her own little personality. She is spunky and cuddly. I love her little smile and her crossed little arms and a pout.
Callum is a chunky little baby who is about to crawl. LOOK OUT! He will now be able to put every little thing in his mouth that he only sees from a distance. We are going to have to become best friends with the vacuum.
Oh I love my children!
I have two books to recommend. First is The Unschooling Handbook and the second is The Unschooling Unmanual. I am just starting to read the latter. Oh I love our life!

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