Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let them learn MOM!

I don't believe in sitting my children down and making them write or spell. I don't feel it is the natural way to learn. From time to time I panic and think...OH NO they can't write yet! I concoct creative ways to get them "on track." Then I go back to normal. I sit back and let it happen the way I know it will.
I was at the computer the other day and Amelie brings me this letter. She said she wanted me to make her something to eat. I told her that dad was on the way home with groceries. She then wrote the next letter. She seems to be writing fine and spelling just fine. Back off mom and let them at it! I "catch" Amelie and Ricky writing throughout the day at their leisure. That is much more rewarding than making them do it. I know that they WANT to and that is important.

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