Sunday, August 23, 2015


Since I will be writing about our homeschooling journey, I thought it was important to give a glimpse into who we are.  I can't put into words all of the quirks, personalities and silliness that our family is but here is a peek.  I will start with Amelie.

Amelie is our first born.  I could just stop there and a lot of you would know what is coming next.
She is very independent and always has been.  She is bossy (erm...good leadership?), motivated, kind, figuring out who she is at the moment (aren't we all), passionate and well...Amelie.

She absolutely loves dogs.  If she could be surrounded by dogs daily she would be a happy, young lady.  For about 2 years she has wanted to open up a shelter. (Not going to happen here!  I am a kid lover, not a dog lover)  Since she is so independent we decided to get her a dog.  She doesn't disappoint.  She very willingly takes care of all of the responsibilities with her dog.  Now I just have to figure out how to get her to be that way with chores!  She has volunteered at a dog shelter and still says that that is what she wants to do.  (Aside from being an Olympic runner)

I feel a strong connection with her.  We talk a lot and have a mutual respect for each other.  She loves to read.  Something with substance and then discuss the book with me after.  

For school, she is mostly independent.  She is usually teaching me her math so her dad helps her with stuff she doesn't understand.  We are starting to think about high school (oh boy) and she really wants a high school diploma so we will find our way through that.  My ideal is doing up good transcripts and teach with good literature instead of text books but I feel she is old enough to decide her path.  We will make it happen.  

It has been nice having Amelie as our do-everything-first child.  She is strong academically so it takes the pressure off of us.  We now know that it is personality and not failure as teachers but it still nice to have a non-worry child first.

I wish I could say that she is amazing with her siblings but she isn't.  She takes charge when she shouldn't and gets frustrated.  Our second born excels there but you'll learn about her next.

So here are a few pictures of our young lady who is growing way too fast for my liking.  I am enjoying watching her grow.

I added the picture of Ron (dad) brushing her hair because it was a precious moment that she allowed someone to do something for her.  Did I mention she is independent?

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