Saturday, August 8, 2015

It starts with a clean home

Life gets busy.  Life gets very busy.
Appointments, play dates, activities, appointments...well, you know.
Life can't stop but it can slow down.
This has been on my mind lately because we have been very busy.  I thought summer was going to be lazy, lay out in the sun at the beach with children playing happily in the sand.  Isn't that we all dream of when summer is on the horizon?  No school books or complaining or rushing rushing rushing.  Summer has not been lazy for us.  Amelie is volunteering at an animal shelter.  She also has horse riding lessons.  They have swimming lessons.  We are volunteer drivers.  We have appointments.  Lots of them it seems.
When we get home from this busyness I am carrying a million things from our van (kids included)  I am tired from buckling, whining, counting kids, asking kids to behave, gathering and just being a busy mom in public. (Shudder)  I get home, open my door and BAM!  Game pieces everywhere, dishes with half eaten food, dirty socks, thrown toys, clothes and who knows what else is on every conceivable surface.  My mind screams because I know what this night will involve.  My thoughts of curling up to my book with a glass of wine are shattered.  It now involves doing a million other things that I didn't get to during the day.
This is how I know we have been too busy.
When our house is messy so is my mind.  I become irritable and I have no calm.  A simple question like "What time are we going to swimming?" throws me into frustration and I snap "Does it look like I am half ready????  Sure!  Let me just drop this pile of junk and leave the messy dishes so we can frolic out to the van!  Pardon me while I prevent an ant infestation and pick up this tripping hazard that is bound to give us trip to the hospital for stitches!  I have time!"  My poor children. lol
That is why I need my house to be somewhat tidy and organized.  It makes me a better mom.  It makes me a better wife.
Today we had a fun morning out.  We went kayaking at the lake with my mom.  It was busy but fun.  I knew what I was coming home to.  There is such a thing as too much fun.  We need a balance.
We came home today and got stuff done.  My two older girls cleaned out the van.  We all chipped in and I got the laundry finished.  The house looks good.  And I sigh a sigh of relief.  Sweet relief.
I can breathe again.  I can think again. I can sit on the couch with my good book with a glass of wine.
I can look around my home and feel accomplished.
Here is a little peek into my house cleaning routine.  It just may spark some new ideas for you.
I sell Norwex so I use all of these products and let me tell you...they work beautifully.
Monday - Bathrooms, windows and all glass in house.
Tuesday - Floors
Wednesday - Kitchen  (Wipe down fridge and 2 cupboards emptied)
Thursday - catch up (If I missed a day)
Friday - Bedrooms (the kids do their own)
Sat and Sun - I try to do the vehicles but it never gets done!  That is our goal though.

This routine helps me to stay on track.  Especially when school starts up again.  I couldn't imagine my house exploded and trying to teach!  It has happened but it doesn't go well.  The cleaner the house, the happier the mom.  And that is true with me.

So not an uplifting post.  Just me still figuring things out and trying to do my best.  Aren't we all.

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