Friday, January 11, 2008

Cohen's First Painting

Today was a lazy day. Well for the kids anyways. While trying to clean (trying being the key word) Cohen was VERY interested in the paints on the table. I continued to ward him off until I gave in. Maybe he IS ready for paint?? So I place him in his chair with the paint and a piece of construction paper. He is very excited to be making paint fingerprints. I see this as the perfect time to get some dishes done. I look over and see he is not only making art..he is eating it too. He won't eat vegetables, meat, well pretty much any food but he will eat sand and paint!

Cohen has a fascination with letters lately. Anytime he sees letters he starts excitedly yelling A, T, B etc... I put on Letter Factory by Leap Frog and he was enthralled. So I am going to be helping Ricky and Cohen learn their letters and their sounds and Amelie will be learning how to write lower case letters.

The girls were bouncing off the walls today! Mom needs a much needed break.

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