Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Celery Experiment

Here is a very simple yet fun experiment. With the flu going through our house this was perfect!
First put some water in a glass. Put some food coloring in it. Preferably not green. We had some red left over from Christmas cookies. Take a couple of stalks and place in the water in some sunlight. (Try and choose stalks that have leaves.) Leave for approx 4 hrs.
The leaves are full of red inky water. Plants suck water up through the stem into the leaves. They need water to grow and keep healthy.
Cut a slice from the stem. Tiny red dots show the tubes that carry water up the stem.
Am I this creative? NO. You can find these simple experiments in the book "The Usborne Book of Science Activities..Volume Two.
I would have taken pics of the kids with the celery but they are in bed now. No worries..the experiment is not over.


Christy said...

i love this experiment. it is also fun with white (or any color really, but mostly white) carnations. the tips of the petals change color while part of it remains white.
thanks for your comment on my blog. i really started it just as a way of writing a journal. i have lots of fun with it. any time you need inspiration i will do my best to inspire. i will book mark your page, i will some day home school my kids (i have a 2 year old now)

Neely said...

Oh how wonderful! Just judging by your blog you can tell you would homeschool. The dedication.
I would love to read about your homeschool adventures when the time comes.
Carnations..hmmm. Thanks for the tip!