Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything but the kitchen sink soup

Everything but the kitchen sink soup is a concoction made when grocery shopping is in order. You look in your fridge and try to find "stuff" that would taste good and will have most of the food groups involved.
In the soup is...
chicken, peas, 3 containers of frozen leftovers (named this because I can't remember what they were..were recent but my mind is going..hehe), egg noodles and barley. Oh and chicken stock.
I am a vegetarian so I couldn't taste this but my children ate it so it must have been good. I sent some over to my parents and they really enjoyed it. I got this "everything but the kitchen sink" idea from my grandpa. My grandparents had 8 children to feed and sometimes they had to get creative. A result of this is jam and sour cream on toast. To most this sounds awful but really..I am not is good. Look in your fridge. What can you throw together?

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