Monday, January 7, 2008

Who says swallowing a dime is ALL bad?

Ron and I are playing scrabble and we hear coughing/choking. Amelie and Ricky can get very creative when they are supposed to be napping. Ron and I think Ricky is faking so she can get one of us into their room. (Obviously they don't understand the concept of The Boy Who Cried Wolf!) Then we hear a scared cry. We both go running. Ricky is sitting on her bed crying with Amelie animately telling us how Ricky swallowed a dime. After a few swallows the dime is sent on its way through Ricky. Guess what we got to do for the past 3 days!! You guessed it! We got to be scientists inspecting Ricky's poop for the missing dime!
So here it is.
It is no longer silver. It is actually this color now.
We couldn't let this go without a lesson. This mishap launched us into The Digestive System and how it works. Giggling.. we first outlined the girls on some paper. (They are very ticklish) and then drew in the Digestive System and talked about how it works. They were thrilled to be drawing poop. We then got out our keepsake dime and trailed it through the Digestive System.
We are going to put their new creations up on the wall.
I wonder how we will get to teach the other systems of the body?? We shall see!!

See below for pictures of our newest adventure.

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Anonymous said...

What a lesson for young children! Good work, Ron and Neely.

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