Sunday, January 6, 2008

How do I not let other people's comments control me?

I am feeling overwhelmed today. I am having a hard time keeping my priorities in order. Some comments were made to me a while back and I am having a hard time processing them.
Now when people come over I feel completely judged and controlled. Beforehand I run around the house making sure nothing is out of place (impossible..hehe) What is really important? Dishes in the sink or my children being happy? Is my children's happiness more important than other people's? You bet ya! So why do some days not seem that way? I am looking out my window as I type and there is an abundance of leaves still on our lawn. WHAT? The "S" family hasn't raked and it is JANUARY??? I feel the same way. What do our neighbours think? Take a deep breath and enjoy the nice weather! Today we are going for a walk with the kids and am going to close my eyes to what isn't done and open my eyes to the smiles on my children's faces!!

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