Friday, February 1, 2008

My Loves

This is the result of our celery experiment. Do you see the red? I believe science is becoming my favorite subject. The littles definitely LOVE it. I want them to love learning and homeschooling absolutely does the trick!

Amelie is getting sick. I can feel it. The flu has just gone through the "S" house and she and I are the only ones who didn't get sick. She was emotional today so tomorrow may be her day.

We were reading about The History of Music in our encyclopedia and Amelie seemed intrigued by the orchestra. She asked who the guy with the stick was. I couldn't remember his job name and she pipes up and says..Oh its the conductor. I I think a conductor is someone that works on a train. I read ahead and sure enough HE IS A CONDUCTOR. She is already bypassing my intelligence. I was afraid of that. Haha.

I am really hoping to get a picture of a look on Ricky's face. She has been sounding out words with me. All of a sudden she gets a look of excitement/pride/awe with the realization that she has just read a word. I want that picture. It is priceless.

Today I put Cohen in a relax time. He pulled Ricky's hair when upset. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! He looked sooo little sitting there. The funny thing is is he enjoys it. He laughs and sneaks off. He actually listened pretty well. Sometimes because he has a speech delay I forget that he understands me. He is a smart little guy. I am contemplating running into our room and hugging him but NO I am not INSANE. I very rarely get time to myself.

Little Roo is starting to be awake more often AND happy. She was pretty temperamental up until now so hopefully it stays this way! She doesn't laugh very often yet so when she does it makes all of those stressful days melt away. matter which still has the same effect.

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