Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Soccer Practice

Soccer has started. They had their first soccer practice on Monday.
All day Amelie had on last years soccer shirt because she was so excited. Ricky tried on her shin pads and socks. I didn't think Ricky would get out there but she did. Last year Amelie came back and sat with me often. I just realized how much she has grown in the past year. My babies are growing up! A little story to share.

Grandma, Aunt Lanie and cousins Sawyer and Finn came to the practice. On the way home it got a bit hectic. Picture this.
My mom is pulling Roo in the wagon. My sister is pushing Finn (8 months..same as Roo) in the stroller. Sawywer (3yo) has just fallen off of his bike on the side of the road. Cohen (2yo) is laying in the middle of the road because I want to hold his hand while crossing the road and he doesn't like this. Ricky (4yo) is on a bike with a handle for me to help push. She is crying (loudly) for me to let go so she can ride the bike but I don't want her to get hit by the car that is waiting to get by. Amelie (5yo) is continuously trying to ride her bike up a small hill to catch up to us. She is saying (or yelling) I need help. I need help. Did you picture this? A man walked by at this time and I do believe he quickened his step. haha. Today on the phone my mom tells me that walk was the highlight of her month. Glad it was someone's!

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Lanie said...

Ya, I'd rather have dental work done than to have to do that ever again! Stressful! I said this to Mom and she said, "it's only as stressful as you make it..." *Hmmmmff*