Friday, April 25, 2008

Natural Shopping

Today I bought a bunch of natural products. I am slowly changing our family over to "O Natural" I wish that I would have done this sooner.
Every once in a while when I go in "my" store I buy a shirt. They feel so cozy.
I threw out our saran wrap today. Instead we will be using this All Natural Waxed Paper. We will place it over the bowl and then put a plate over top of that.
And have I said how much I LOVE the Seventh Generation line? I just bought the glass cleaner. On top of the waxed paper box is my new perfume. It smells like Amber. It is a creme that you put your finger into and place wherever you want..wink wink..kidding of course.
I have the crystal deodorant which seems to be working amazingly well.
The magazine is a subscription. I loved it so much I had to have it. It is all about raising your children naturally. What better magazine could I get?
We had a wonderful, relaxing day together. Tomorrow may be a different story. We'll see :)

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Anonymous said...

I guess if you can just buy the magazine, it would be simple, huh? But it isn't about what you buy, but what you don't buy... it is more about what you don't do.

And vinegar is the best, least expensive cleaning product you can buy (and some baking soda).