Monday, February 25, 2008

Milestones and treating them equally

I always worry about treating the kids equally and making sure I have given them all the same amount of attention. Of course Reagan gets a bit more (Miss drama queen..haha) but with the other three I try to be fair. Amelie and Ricky get enough of my attention. Amelie and I have a joking relationship. We like to play tricks on each other. We will be sitting on the couch together and I'll push her over and we'll laugh. I enjoy this and you can tell she does as well. She runs up to me at least 8 times a day for a quick hug. Ricky on the other hand constantly needs cuddles. I love it. She loves hugs and kisses. She thrives on attention. If she could be on my lap all day and cuddle it would be fine with her. She is more reserved than Amelie. Amelie is ready to try anything and doesn't like to wait. Ricky stands back and is cautious.
Sometimes I think Cohen doesn't get enough of our attention. We still have trouble with the communication so hopefully that will pick up soon! Cohen is the sweetest, most sensitive little boy you'll ever meet. He loves to cuddle but not for too long. One cute pastime he has picked up is running up and pulling Ricky's hair. He chooses this candidate because she comes with the most reaction. She doesn't just cry. She doesn't just wimper. She SQUEALS!! And when I say squeal I mean SQUEAL. She has a way that just makes you want to...Oh we'll leave that to your imagination..haha. Then after pulling her hair he smiles and runs away. Only to go back and try to do it again.
Ricky will be 4 in April and was still wearing diapers to bed. I am proud to say that...SHE PEES ON THE TOILET NOW!! What a relief! Two nights in a row she hasn't wet the bed. I am so proud of my little girl.
Also, Cohen loves the potty. He runs and sits down and pees. Just like that. He isn't ready yet I know but it is nice to see him go.
Tomorrow I plan on doing some more learning. We are looking forward to making Maple Syrup this coming weekend. Oh being a mom is so rewarding!

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Mrs Hannigan said...

It will never be equal; and if you managed to make it completely equal, I wonder if they'd notice. As long as everyone gets all they need; then you're doing OK. They have each other, too. And that is important.