Friday, February 15, 2008

Cohen's Art

Here is Cohen's train. While helping the girls make their flags we wanted to involve Coco as well. We followed his interests and made a train. We got to teach him shapes without him realizing it. He even colored it himself..WITHOUT EATING THE CRAYON!! Yay!


christy said...

i think that is such a good idea. i wish that i would have thought of that before. i think i will have to try it with david and see what he thinks... so far he really loves making circles and naming everything as a circle.

Neely said...

It is very effective. My son is a late talker so it is hard to communicate with him. If we follow his lead he is more ready to communicate and get involved. If it is trains he is almost guaranteed to participate. Let me know how it goes with your little guy!

Rose Starr said...

What a cute pic! Our little one is getting to that age...wants to color and such and then ends up biting off the end of the crayons! Love that train :)