Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This picture signifies beauty. Growing up I played on this swing with my friends. I sat on here with my pop shoppe bottles and my penny candies.
We bought my grandparents house and every day I am glad that we did. It has so many memories and at certain times during the day I remember. I remember my grandparents and family that once gathered on Sunday's. I hope that my children will have just as many fond memories in time as I do.
This picture was taken in the early morning silence.


Whatsesname said...

This is an incredibly impressive photograph, and the story behind it makes it a magnificent one!

christy said...

i love that picture. it is a wonderful composition and perfect framing. i hope to improve my photography skills. if i weren't so sick of the snow here i would wish to be there and play in your snow

Rose Starr said...

Ditto on the above comments...I love this photo...thanks for the story behind it!