Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Homework

Yes we do homework! It may not be what you think. Our homework consists of giggles and fun. Homework is actually homework. Here was our list for the day.
Clean out under the kitchen sink
Scrub garbage and baby gate
clean girls room

The girls decided to help with under the sink and cleaning their room. It feels great to get things done and to also be spending time with the kids. You should see how excited they are!
I use all natural cleaners so the kids are able to help without all of the toxic chemicals. I will take a picture soon of all of our cleaners. The girls put all the bags together and Amelie scrubbed.
We then went to their bedroom and cleaned. The basket of clothes on the dresser needs putting away but that would include going through Ricky's clothes and bringing some to goodwill. I will save that for another day.


Rose Starr said...

Oh yeah! I love it :)
Now that is a well rounded home education! Are the cleaners very expensive?

Lanie said...

Ummm...clothes to Goodwill? Did you forget you have a baby girl to dress in the future? Just wondering.