Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Family Fun Day Craft - an entry by Daddy

This morning we made our Family Fun Day Craft. With the 'F's and Hearts it's an all-in-one February craft. We covered the letter F, Valentines Day and Family Fun Day (the 18th).

Once I had the shapes and letters cut out and the poster taped to the wall I called the kids over for half an hour of grabbing, taping and sticking madness. It really turned out great and the kids had lots of fun. Amelie was a great help with rolling the tape to stick the shapes on. Ricky was ready to go with her beautiful crafting gown on and Cohen was going crazy over the giant letters. He loves letters.

When the craft was finished I asked the girls if they knew a good title for our craft. They both loved the title "Valentines Day." I had a title picked out (it rhymes with hearts but starts with an F) but they laughed at me and said I was silly.

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