Friday, December 28, 2007

Amelie's GROWING mind

Amelie went missing. Where could she have gone? She suddenly appears and all is well. I go into the washroom and see tiny bits of black all over the sink. Then I look and see a cup full of water with these mysterious black things floating in it. What is this? I then look and see a package. Ah ha! Amelie doesn't want to wait for spring for our flowers to grow. She loves planting things and watching them grow. Nevermind the sun and soil. Hehe. Next week we are growing beans so this will fit in nicely with that.
We went out to eat last night. As we walked in the room of 6 tables of people stopped eating and stared at the freakshow family. Everything was silent as we found our seats. I can't imagine why they put the Savard family in the back corner..giggle. Ron and I had a little giggle ourselves once we were seated. I love our family!
I was talking on the phone last night with a friend and he said something that hit home. I was standing in our livingroom looking at the rest of my house. Our house is open concept so you see most of the house in one glance. I told him..OH MY you should see my house right now. There were Christmas presents everywhere. We have added to our house 25%. What to do with all of this stuff?? So he replies.."Isn't it nice to have a house to clean!" Thank you for that Dave! It helped to keep things in perspective and just enjoy our holidays and not worry so much with things less important.

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