Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tree is finally decorated

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. We parents deserve a reward! There was Amelie and Ricky going through the boxes for ornaments and Cohen is grabbing at the lights saying WOW!! Reagan was being a grumpy gus and Tyson was jumping on us. Finally I said..HOLD IT! Put Tyson in his bed..I will feed Reagan and we handed out ornaments. It can get a bit hectic in our house! The tree looks perfect.
Yesterday we read about Ancient Rome. Amelie loved the part about the fighting. I had no idea that the movie The Gladiator was real! Back then they did put their thumbs up or down to decide who died in the pit. How awful!
When Ron got home last night he told me he got my Christmas present. Guess what it is!
A brand new fridge!!! It is being delivered on Wednesday. Now I can fit our food.
Reagan is just waking up now. Why is she still sleeping you ask?? Because she graced us with her presence all night. Today is Amelie's birthday party so I have some cleaning to do.

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