Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cookie Day

Today was cookie day. We made Coconut Drops. 2 Cups of Coconut and 1 Cup of Cream Cheese. We added green and red food coloring of course! Next we made ginger cookies. Well they are in the process of being made. The dough had to sit in the fridge for 3 hours. I think the ingredients ended up more in Ricky's stomach than they did in the
Today Amelie was commenting on the clouds. I asked her what clouds are made of. (This was a lesson from last week) She remembered that it is water and eventually it will fall when it gets heavy enough. Cohen got a Dollar Store train set yesterday to keep him occupied. He was so intent on that little train! It is now broken of course but while it lasted it was great.
Ricky snuck some gum into the living room today..hehe. AND we had a little fiasco in the washroom while washing her hands. Oh the stories we will have on her wedding day!
Ron is out buying my Christmas gift. (As if a fridge wasn't more than enough!!) Today I got some much needed support from my internet mom group...THANK YOU!!!
Well time to put this laundry away or it will be all over the house in minutes!

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Linda said...

I came here from *that* thread and just want to offer you another hug. :) Reading your blog, it's sounds like you have a lovely family life. Your children are very fortunate to be growing up in such a life-affirming, loving environment.