Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clever comment

Last night Ricky was up pretty much all night. This woke Amelie up. I told them to not get up until the sun has come up. Amelie said.." It is up!" I told her NO that is the moonlight. She then said " The moon doesn't have any light. It is the sun that is shining on the moon. So the sun is shining!" How do you not smile at that?? So I told her when the DIRECT sunlight is out you can get
We all got adjusted at the chiropractor today. Ron hurt his back yesterday so he really needed it! They said it looked pretty bad.
All of the kids are sleeping right now. Phew! I needed the break!
I decided last night that the TV is to be off all day now. I don't mind cartoons in the morning but other than that they can be doing something more creative with their time or helping me around the house.

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