Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our day so far

Well right now Cohen is sleeping STILL. The girls are in the washroom washing spaghetti off of their hands and I am sure it will be all over the place. Reagan is asleep in her swing.
Today I sent a bunch of helium balloons to Ron at work. He was incredibly embarrassed!
So for school today so far the girls went to the library for library time. We read about ancient Egypt and how kings where mummified when they died. I plan on wrapping their arms up with toilet paper to have some fun with it. We are about to learn about the layers of the Earth. I am going to boil an egg and show the different layers. They will enjoy this.
Today Ricky put a piece of tape across the living room and balanced the phone on it. She wanted to see if she blew on it if it would fall off. It didn't but she enjoyed the little experiment. Well I am off to clean up the girls and the mess they surely made!

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