Friday, December 7, 2007

Relaxing day

Today was a lazy day! We went to the chiropractor again today (only to see the HOT guy who works there..kidding) We all got adjusted again. We didn't do much school today. Amelie read to me and it is incredible how well she is reading!!! She has no problem with words like disappointed. She is becoming more fluent which is nice to see. We still have to work on her lower case letters. Her capitals she has done easily for a while now.
We are doing well with the no TV all afternoon rule. Except when Aunt Lanie brings out Frosty!! lol. We had cousin Sawyer and Aunt Lanie over for dinner tonight. Then we tossed them all in the tub. It was a nice little visit.
I am still working on letters and their sounds with Ricky. It is amazing how much she has picked up here and there! Today she woke up and Amelie was across the street playing with Jeannette. Ricky was pretty upset! They don't usually separate. This was Amelie's first time playing at a friends house without me. (Aunt Lanie was there)
Tomorrow morning the girls have ballet and jazz. They look adorable in their little suits!
The girls are both in bed, Reagan is sleeping in her swing and Cohen is watching The Polar Express. He gets TV while the girls are falling asleep or he would play with them. Ron has the weekend off so it should be a nice family weekend.

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