Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleep? What is sleep?

Last night Ron went for video game night and my BIL's. I literally got ZERO sleep last night. Thank goodness Ron let me sleep until the afternoon!
In our Math program there is little workbook work. It is taught through games and manipulatives. I buy dollar store workbooks for Amelie and leave them out. Whenever she feels like it she grabs one and sits down with it. It is amazing how easily she learns. I know that I have a mental block when it comes to Math and to see her just get it is WOW! She learned a bit about fractions today. There would be a picture of a pie cut in 4 sections. One was shaded. She had to know if it was 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4. She got them all right! She clearly understands the concept. She also learned how to tell time. Well half of it. We will work on this this wk.
I then sat with Ricky and did A-I in her workbook. Just for fun. There was an exercise for each letter that she enjoyed. I have decided to read younger age books for bedtime to keep Ricky interested in books and set aside time to read school books with Amelie. I want Ricky to love books and she will quickly lose interest if the books are boring for her.
I am going to try to spend atleast 1/2 hr with Cohen every night when the girls are in bed. It is usually spent with his Thomas book. I have realized I can slip learning into it. His attention span is next to nothing unless it involves trains. We count the wheels and say the colors. Well I do.
Ron and I are going to watch a movie tonight together and I am looking forward to that. By the end we will have passed out on the couch but oh
Well. Reagan has been VERY fussy tonight so I must go and soothe her.

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